Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague

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  • Ing. Václav Bažant Ph.D.
  • Ing. Vladimír Janeček Ph.D.
  • Ing. Jan Vítámvás Ph.D.


The material was created within the Individual Development Programme (Ministry of Education), the project "Improving the quality of teaching and support for Bachelor and Master's degree programs and lifelong learning".

The project aims to facilitate students learning the practical dendrology and the wider community to identify cones of coniferous trees.

  • In the atlas there is 50 species of coniferous trees as taught in Dendrology in FFWP Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.
  • Atlas is divided on the teaching part and a test section.
  • Teaching part contains basic characteristics of trees and a its detailed. It also contains photographs taken with emphasis on the main distinguishing features. The individual species are assigned multiple photos to cover the greatest degree of variability. Woody plants in the catalog can be sorted by Czech and Latin names, families and groups. Groups serves as a key to the rapid determination.
  • The test section has five levels of difficulty and is used to verify the knowledge.

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